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Hello, and Welcome!

Welcome to the home page of Citizens Fire Company #1 of Middleport, Inc., a small volunteer fire company in Schuylkill County Fire District 51.

We are a nonprofit organization staffed entirely by volunteers, and receive no tax support. All other expenses, those for equipping, and maintenance and replacement of equipment, are born out through our fund raising activities and grants as they become available.

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Please consider making a donation to help us update and better equip our fire company to help you. Any amound you give will be appreciated, and those who give $25.00 or more will be acknowledged on our Sponsors page, as follows:

  • $25.00 – $50—Bronze
  • $51.00 – $100—Silver
  • $101.00 – $200.00—Gold
  • $201.00 – or more—Platinum


Our mission is to save lives, and protect property. We also provide fire safety information to our community and welcome requests to make fire safety presentations to the children of our community in area schools.

The primary entrance to our firehouse is located near US Highway 209, on St. Clair St. in Middleport.

Middleport is our Main Coverage area, and our Secondary Mutual Aid response area consists of New Philadelphia, Blythe Twp, Walker Twp. and surrounding communities. Our members are dedicated to continue their fire education; and go through intense fire training programs through the state and our station. Our Members repair and maintain the fire apparatus along with the equipment that are on the apparatus, also the grounds where the apparatus is housed.

The department is always dispatched by Schuylkill County Communications Center. We use 46.50 as our primary dispatch frequency, and 46.21 as our working fire ground channel. Our fire chief utilizes radio 51.00, our assistant chief utilizes radio 51.01, Captain of Fire Police utilizes radio 51.80, Fire Police utilizes radio's 51.81 – 51.85, Engineers utilize radio’s 51.02-51.05

Fire Company Apparatus

Our  Primary Apparatu
s - 1984 Mack Engine The Engine Seats 5 Firefighters. It has a 1000 g.p.m. Pump and a 750 gallon Tank. Carries 3 Attack Lines, including 150 feet of 3 “ Hose and 1400 feet of 4” LDH which can adapt to 5”. We have an AED on board. Plus we carry all the necessary equipment for all responses.

new truckUpdate–Our "Sister " Department in Middleport, NY donated a truck we are bringing in to service as a replacement for our '84 Mac. More info to come.






 If you were looking for our original Web site, it's still there. We are going to use it as a kind of archive for past events, and will not be transferring everything from the site, so we encourage you to look it over.

Find more information on the borough of Middleport on CitiData.


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