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Fun Stuff We Do

Look for pictures and videos of us having a good time on this page, but please read through the following explanation that the fun is not just for fun sake.

Every boy imagined becoming a fireman when he grew up, right? Riding on that big red truck and wearing fireman's bunker gear just seemed so cool. Well, maybe not every boy, but the stereotype persists.

Being a fire fighter can be fun when you are not fighting fire, or responding to the many kinds of calls for help we receive. Part of that fun is doing just what was mentioned above—riding on that big red truck. Weraing fireman's bunker gear is not so cool though, especially on hot summer days.

The most fun we have is sponsoring and participating in parades associated with our fundraising events, and those of other volunteer firefighting companies in the area. These are fun, because we drive around with our sirens and horns blasting, and our lights flashing—but they are not just for fun. These parades serve a couple impotant purposes.

Parades remind the community that we are there for our neighbors in an emergency, and help us bring attention to the events we sponsor for our fundraising efforts. Importantly, they also help us cement our relationships with other area firefighting and EMS teams. When we respond to an emergency call in our community, you will also see other fire companies respond. Knowing we have their support  keeps our hopes up that we can cope with any situation, and knowing their capabilities is an important aspect of allocating resources to take control of a potentially disastrous situation.

Some of our members also attend conventions and trade exhibitions to keep up with the latest developments in firefighting equipment and technology—and they do so at their own expense. When they do, they bring that information back and share it with the rest of us. This helps us all expand our ability to more effectively cope with emergency situations.

 By the way, after all the work setting up for our fundraising events, we enjoy interacting with the members of our community who attend.

 Photos & Videos

  Over time, we will add more to this page. For now, we invite you to view and "Like" our Facebook page, and the pictures taken at our Block Party!

Road Trip to Middleport, NY

 Our sister fire company in Middleport, NY, donated a truck to us, so Assistant Chief Todd Amos, Fire Police Captain Russ Hauck and Lieutenant Sylvie Hauck drove up to bring it home. The photos chronicling their journey are in two albums on our Facebook page, here and here.

Before you go, check out this video of the event by our friend, Andrew Leibenguth of



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